Maxwell on why he left 'Hawks: 'Cash flow, all day'


Byron Maxwell won't hide the truth. If you ask the cornerback why he left a cushy gig with the Seahawks last March to sign with the Eagles, he'll give you an honest answer.

"Cash flow, all day," Maxwell said, according to "They were close. But I can't make that back in my lifetime. So I had to go."

Fair enough. If the Eagles were crazy enough to pay Maxwell like a star cornerback -- a six-year contract worth $63 million, with $25 million guaranteed -- who was he to deny himself that blessing? Maxwell took the money, then struggled through a 2015 season that paved the way for an offseason trade to the Dolphins.

Now Maxwell is preparing to face his first team in Week 1. Funny how things work out.

"I'm ready to play. I'm ready to go," Maxwell said. "Obviously, this is big for me, just because of the relationships I have on the other side of the field. I want to win even more so than any other game. It's going to be fun though."

Maxwell has nothing to apologize for, and we commend his ability to keep it real. It must have been fun to be a part of the Legion of Boom in their heyday. But it ain't $25 million worth of fun.