Isaiah Thomas rains 15-footers upon Tyler Lockett


Tyler Lockett must have been feeling pretty good about himself.

The Seahawks wide receiver had outlasted all of his teammates in a foul-shooting contest. His reward was the surprise right to face off against Boston Celtics All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas.

The contest would take place in the Seahawks' meeting room, and from Lockett's perspective, had all the makings of a no-lose situation. If Thomas beats him, who cares, he's an NBA star. But if Lockett pulled off the upset, he's a legend in his own building.

Alas, legend status will have to wait because Thomas never even gave him a chance to compete. Check this out:

That's 12 straight makes on 15-footers in 30 seconds. Forget about Tyler Lockett. Michael Jordan wouldn't have defeated Thomas on this day.

Pete Carroll was impressed.

This makes me want to play H.O.R.S.E. so bad. Thomas isn't invited, though.