Ask 5: What's best NFL comp for Clemson's Deshaun Watson?

After what seems like an eternity, we finally have college football back! There are several marquee matchups on the schedule this week, and one game I'm really looking forward to is Auburn vs. Clemson. Clemson lost a lot of talent to the NFL after last season but it still possesses the most dangerous quarterback in college football, Deshaun Watson. He put up monster numbers last fall and he put on a clinic in the title game against Alabama. I'm anxious to see what improvements he's made to his game in the offseason. He's a very unique talent, and I reached out to five NFL executives to see if he reminded them of any other players they've studied. Here are the results.

First Look:
NFL Media analyst and former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah takes a "first look" at college football's top players for 2016.

Executive 1: Marcus Mariota
"He's got some Marcus Mariota to him. He's a more elusive athlete than Mariota but he doesn't have quite the same arm talent."

Executive 2: Teddy Bridgewater
"He reminds me of Bridgewater. Similar body frame, mobility and toughness. Watson is a better runner while Bridgewater has the edge as a thrower."

Executive 3: Aaron Rodgers
"Aaron Rodgers looked very similar when he was coming out of Cal. They have similar size, arm strength and the ability to extend plays with their feet."

Executive 4: Robert Griffin III
"I don't have one name that stands out but I see some of the same things I saw from RG3 when he was coming out of Baylor. Great athlete and playmaker."

Executive 5: Marcus Mariota
"I think he's a lesser version of Mariota. I like him but he's not quite as fast as Mariota and he doesn't have his arm strength."

Summary: Mariota (2 votes), Rodgers (1 vote), Bridgewater (1 vote), Griffin III (1 vote)

Conclusion: The variety of names that popped up was pretty interesting. I've been on the record with my Mariota comparison, but I like the mixture of these other names. Rodgers and Bridgewater were both extremely accurate in college while RG3 was one of the most creative playmakers I've ever seen at that level. Watson has a tremendous upside and I can't wait to see how he plays this fall.

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