Gronk to grammar police: Back off, I could crush you


Don't hold your breath on a Rob Gronkowski Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good.

Apparently, there are people out here taking shots at Gronk for faulty grammar in his social media postings. Now why would you do that? Can't you just troll Rodney Harrison instead? Anyway, Gronk has a message for all of the amateur English teachers trying to hold him down.

Loose translation: I might not be able to spell, but I can beat you without mercy if necessary. Deal with that.

In other news, Gronk was awarded the New England Patriots Ron Burton Community Service Award at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday. Though he remains a man forever on the hunt for a good time, Gronk admitted during his acceptance speech that he's come a long way.

Don't ever change, ya big lug. The there, their, they're distinction is overrated anyway.