An acoustic guitar, the Pacific, and Mark Sanchez


Mark Sanchez might have kicked away his opportunity to be the starting quarterback of a defending Super Bowl champion, but it's good to know he's not putting all his eggs in the football basket.

Sanchez recently brought his acoustic guitar and best Jason Mraz outfit to the foot of the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles for some old-fashioned busking on the sidewalk. Sanchez's proficiency on the guitar is pretty much limited to that one Counting Crows song, but an enviable charisma level still allows him to carry the day. This is the innate gift of the professional quarterback.

That said, I cannot stress how in over his head Sanchez is in this setting. The poor guy doesn't even know the chords to "Happy Birthday" and is completely flummoxed when two teens ask him to play Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl".

But he knows those words and chords to "Mr. Jones", an old warhorse that surely did yeoman's work during Sanchez's dorm days at USC. Mr. Jones and me ... we're gonna be big stars.