What to watch for: 49ers-Broncos


We here at the NFL had so much fun watching the return of football last weekend that we decided to do it all again this week. Around The NFL's Conor Orr dissects what you can expect to see from the 16 games this weekend.

Here's what to what to watch for ...

San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos (9 p.m.)

» The 49ers' quarterback competition has eroded into a one-man race at the moment, so Chip Kelly is probably hoping for a better performance from Blaine Gabbert this weekend. Forty percent from the field and a general unease against a starting defense isn't what the 49ers are hoping for as they try to shed the negativity from this offseason.

» Mark Sanchez vs. the field, Part II: The Broncos are certainly interested in drawing this out, and apparently so is Sanchez. While the numbers suggested a decent outing last week, Sanchez could have done much more to tuck away this competition and glide into the regular season. Instead, as of Wednesday, the Broncos have not named a starter for the preseason game.

» Jeff Driskel is not winning the 49ers' quarterback competition any time soon, but he flashed some of his skills during the team's opener, especially on the ground. There was a visible level of discomfort in the pocket, but Kelly is interested in fast forwarding progress for everyone, not just his projected starter.



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