What to watch for: Chargers-Titans


The NFL season officially begins in earnest this week with the start of the preseason for all 32 teams. Around The NFL's Conor Orr dissects what you can expect to see from the 16 games this weekend.

Here's what to what to watch for ...

San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans (8 p.m.)

» The Titans are not going to look like Oregon, as head coach Mike Mularkey has insisted multiple times. So what exactly does exotic smashmouth look like? We're about to find out.

» Does James Jones still have some juice? A resurgent season in Green Bay earned Jones a one-year fling with the San Diego Chargers. After looking strong in Giants camp a year ago, Jones was cut. Will he have better fortunes with the Bolts?

» Do we learn anything new about the Joey Bosa situation? The Chargers are tired of hearing about their first-round pick, who is still unsigned. But player frustration tends to mount around game time -- perhaps some others echo Antonio Gates' words.



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