Dodgers ace gifts Rams with some high-octane booze


The Rams get a warm welcome to Los Angeles from fans in the season premiere of Hard Knocks. The best pitcher in the world has delivered his own housewarming gift to the city's prodigal football sons.

For those not plugged in on whiskey culture, that's a damn good bottle of liquor. It retails in the neighborhood of $220.

Conor Orr, Around The NFL reporter and respected booze jockey, once received a bottle of Blue as a birthday gift. His review:

A beautiful -- if extremely pricey -- blend that combines the well-known JW smokiness with a less intense, oak and leather taste once it goes down. Dangerously drinkable, even your novice whiskey man can appreciate the low burn and refined scent that gives off hints of spice and fresh flowers.

Thank you, Conor. And get well soon, Clayton. My fantasy team weeps without you.