Ryan Fitzpatrick's hair inching toward sentient status


Ryan Fitzpatrick still hasn't gotten a haircut.

The veteran quarterback arrived on the scene at Jets camp last week with a bushy beard and barely controlled bouffant. Perhaps it's the New Jersey humidity, but we're now starting to have concerns Fitzpatrick's aggressive coif is showing signs it could be self-aware.

Fitzpatrick joked at the time of his signing that he was unable to get a haircut during his absence because media members had staked out his barbershop, ruining it as a fortress of follicle tranquility. Which leads us to this entertaining back and forth between Fitzmagic and ESPN's Suzy Kolber, who knows a thing or two about awkward exchanges with prominent Jets signal-callers.

SK: When do you think you can find just a little bit of time to clean up?
RF: (after a beat) You don't like it.
SK: I'm kind of wondering what woman does? As long as your wife is cool with it, we're good but ...
RF: That's the thing. I'm not really trying to impress anybody. I already got my wife locked down hopefully, but hopefully we'll cut it soon.

Last November, Fitzpatrick -- then mired in a slump -- got a haircut and the Jets proceeded to rip off five straight wins. After a rough practice on Tuesday, perhaps superstition will be the driver that distances him from the Harvard Caveman Lawyer look.