Peyton Manning is not ready to leave your television


Peyton Manning retired in February with a host of NFL records along with the title of The Most Prolific Commercial Star in league history. Cut. That. Meat.

If you think life away from the game would curtail his involvement in Madison Avenue-related endeavors, think again. In a new ad destined to run on a loop on your television this fall, Peyton kicks back on his couch on Sunday morning and picks up the phone. A plan to get together with little brother Eli hits a predictable snag.

It's hard to shake the hunch Peyton will be a familiar presence for football fans for another few decades. The biggest mystery is what post-career path The Sheriff will take. We predict Manning will have a John Madden-like career in the booth, though a John Elway path to a front-office box can't be ruled out.

Or he'll just sit on that couch forever. Doesn't sound so bad actually.