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Sam Bradford: I try to take control when necessary


Our short attention spans are perfect for the NFL offseason. A player vilified during free agency and the early portions of minicamp can come out with a fairly decent news conference and a few good training camp practices and all is forgotten.

So let's try that again, Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford.

"I think you guys expect a big rah-rah, someone who's yelling at people every play, and that's just not me," Bradford said, via Philly Mag. "I think there's a lot of subtle things that you guys probably aren't privy to or can't hear from where you guys are at. But like I said, I just try to be myself and take control when I need to."

While that has always been true about Bradford, there are a few aspects of his personality that are hard to reconcile for Eagles fans. Few know exactly how instrumental he was in keeping the locker room together a year ago, even in the waning days of the Chip Kelly era where everyone was primed to hop on a soap box and set the room on fire. Few cared after Bradford tried to work his way out of town following the draft deal for No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz.

But if Bradford didn't have that part of his personality, and some of the leadership qualities instrumental to a quarterback, it would be hard to imagine the team sticking by him during a period of such great change.

"You've got to get through four (preseason) games and a lot of preseason. But going into Sept. 11, Sam's the guy. I'll stick with that," coach Doug Pederson said Monday. "Chase is our No. 2, and Carson is our No. 3."

While it won't comfort Eagles fans much, Bradford has plenty to play for. At 28, there's a chance for one more big contract if he can play to his potential. Proving that silent leadership is effective wouldn't hurt either.


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