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Vikings' stadium vandalized prior to official opening


While we resist the urge to craft a glass houses and throwing stones pun, here's the news about U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota: According to The Star-Tribune, someone picked up a rock and chucked it through one of the 10-by-5-foot panes of glass at ground level earlier this week. The deed was discovered Wednesday, but will not be fixed by Friday when the stadium has its ribbon-cutting ceremony, according to the paper.

Photos of the broken window show a bed of rocks that lay between the sidewalk and stadium exterior, and while some have suggested the landscaping invited the deed, no one was certain if a rock from at the site was used to break the window.

"Now that the building is open, accidents and vandalism occur," said Jenn Hathaway, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokesman, to the The Star-Tribune.

"Addressing these issues is a normal part of building operations," she continued. "Part of our operations protocol is to file a police report if there is vandalism to the building, which we have done."

The news has to be disappointing for Vikings and MSFA officials who have been pouring serious time and effort into the completion of the new stadium, which gave media tours this week. Especially concerning is the fact that U.S. Bank's architectural flare comes from the extraordinary amount of glass used throughout the stadium. All involved are hopeful there are no copycat criminals lining up to grab more rocks.