Does Ryan Fitzpatrick have a gut? (Update: Nope)


The New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick remain in a bitter contract stalemate, with one recent report putting the deep freeze in communication at over a month and counting.

Fitzpatrick has stayed out of the spotlight for much of the offseason, though we have seen the quarterback at the occasional charity event. One such event took place on Wednesday in Lake Tahoe, and the Twitterverse was quick to highlight a possible change in Fitzmagic's appearance.

One Twitter user said Fitzpatrick was "looking a lot like Zach Galifianakis." Another had Fitzpatrick "on the Matt Foley diet." As a Jets fan hoping for a safe Fitz return, I cringed. Is it possible all this time away from football had led Fitz to put on a few pounds? Do the Jets have their own Eddie Lacy photo scandal? And if so, did it lend credence to the theory Fitzpatrick is willing to sit out months (or even retire) if the Jets don't blink in talks?

There must be another photo from the event. There has to be another photo from the event. DEAR GOD, SHOW ME ANOTHER PHOTO FROM THE F------ EVENT!

Oh, OK. That seems right. Stand down, Post and Daily News headline writers.