Jameis Winston loses 20 pounds ahead of Bucs camp

One of Jameis Winston's offseason goals was to get in shape. By all accounts, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback hit the target.

Winston's father told ESPN that the quarterback has lost 20 pounds. The 22-year-old's trainer, Tim Grover, posted a picture of Winston that shows his slimmer frame.

For #Jameis @jaboowins3 there has been no offseason. You want extraordinary results, you need an extraordinary work ethic. Our work continues. #RESULTS #RELENTLESS #NoOffseason #buccaneers #attackathletics #timgrover

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Winston was heavily criticized entering the 2015 draft for being overweight and out of shape. The picture on the left is what led to many of the critiques. The one on the right displays how much has changed.

Over the course of the offseason, there have been several other Instagram posts from Grover, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade.

How long can @jaboowins3 hold this position while his trainer tries to knock him off balance? Here's why I do this: when one area gets hit, another must relax in order to maintain 'true' athletic balance. He held this for a full minute. #Jameis #buccaneers #attackathletics #timgrover #workinprogress #RELENTLESS

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To get a different result you have to do things different. Our work with @jaboowins3 continues. For more see #espn story by @brittmchenryespn. #relentless #attackathletics #jameiswinston #timgrover

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Appreciate all the requests for more @jaboowins3 #jameiswinston workout video. I don't usually share this info but here's a brief clip. Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort. #attackathletics #timgrover

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Winston's father added that in addition to his son's training sessions, the second-year signal-caller stopped eating after 7 p.m. and cut out potato chips and similar fattening foods from his diet.

The exercise results are tangible and should aid Winston on the field. Whether the rest of his game follows in Year 2 -- including the mental leap he must make -- is something we'll find out starting with training camp next week.