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Kiko Alonso talks horses, playing TE for Dolphins


The "newsy" football nugget in this story about Kiko Alonso from is that he jokes about playing tight end, and told the reporter that he let the Dolphins coaching staff know he could contribute in goal line situations.

"We have good tight ends in Miami," he said, "but if the Dolphins need me for a specific play, I can move on that side of the ball. I've already told the coaches that if they want me out there in a goal-line situation, I'm ready to jump into the field. I have some specific plays at hand, but I won't reveal them."

That's all well and good, but it completely misses the over-arching point: This is a wild and amazing profile of Alonso.

The dateline is from Cali, Colombia, which was the birthplace of Alonso's mother. The Dolphins linebacker used to spend summer and Christmas there as a child and this was his first trip back since he was 10.

And, judging by the reception he received from the local media, this was a highly-anticipated return.

From the piece:

Like a storybook hero who returns to the castle to re-arm before resuming the battle, Alonso returned to the land of his ancestors on his mother's side to recover and start again

And then:

After 15 years, Kiko Alonso is back to milking cows, savoring the smell of fresh guava and riding a chestnut horse across the field of his ancestors.

A chestnut horse! Also, this:

Alonso walked around the yard looking for more green fodder, warning a photographer about to follow him, "Watch out. Do not go behind the legs of the horse, unless you want a vasectomy."

When he goes out in Cali, Alonso tries to improve his salsa and reggaeton dance moves so he can continue teaching them to his colleagues when he returns to Miami.

Kudos to Gustavo Fillol Day who gets more out of the former Bills star than anyone in the United States ever has. Alonso addresses his partying days, throws a good-natured barb at Mark Sanchez for his school-learned Spanish-speaking skills and talks about how hard it was on him when the Bills tried to move him to outside linebacker.


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