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Jarryd Hayne left off Fiji's Olympic rugby sevens squad


National Rugby League star and former 49ers running back Jarryd Hayne left San Francisco and the NFL after he was offered the chance to try out for Fiji's Olympic rugby sevens unit.

Apparently, that dream has come to an end.

Hayne posted on his personal Facebook page over the weekend that he was left off Fiji's roster, which led to speculation that Hayne may return to his beloved Parramatta Eels.

"For now, I'll be in camp with the team until mid-week before heading back home to Sydney for some time out and will determine my next steps from there," he wrote. "I'll enjoy watching from afar and wish the team all the best of luck on their road to Rio."

First, a few quick notes:

» Fiji's rugby sevens unit is very, very good. The team won World Rugby Sevens Series in 2014-15 and 2015-16. They have some of the best athletes in the world, so it was not a given that Hayne would make the team in the first place, nor is it a massive surprise that he did not.

» The game is complex and is different than the National Rugby League format that Hayne stars in. While this is not the perfect analogy, it would be akin to Tim Tebow playing in a seven-man version of the Canadian Football League, which would be an unmitigated disaster.

» Hayne had never played sevens before, which has a crazed pace to it.

Because Hayne did not "star" in the NFL during his short stint, he'll essentially be relegated to bar room trivia answer when we should be appreciating just how incredible this three-sport hop really was. Imagine if Russell Wilson played for the Seahawks, actually made the Texas Rangers' roster and then came close to final cuts for the U.S. Olympic Wrestling team. Here's hoping Hayne gets back rolling with the Eels so we can enjoy more highlights like these.


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