Roddy White: Falcons lost because of my limited role


Roddy White continues to recount his final season with the Atlanta Falcons.

After 11 seasons in Atlanta, White was cut earlier this offseason after putting up just 506 yards on 43 catches with just one touchdown -- his lowest totals since 2006. The receiver told WZGC-FM in Atlanta that the coaching staff wasn't completely honest with him from the start of last season.

"They had a role for me coming into the season, and I feel it wasn't told to me prior to the season," White said, via CBS Atlanta. "I'm completely fine if someone sits me down and says 'This is what we want you to do', but I didn't get fully where they were going with me." White continued, "After that I sat down with (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) and I thought things would change, and they didn't change."

White added that even as the Falcons collapsed, his pleas to be more involved in the offense went unheard.

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"The reason I didn't argue and complain, is because it wasn't going to change anything," he said. "We started off hot, so there was no need for me to complain about anything," he continued. "As things got worse throughout the season, and you go in and complain about some things you think should change, and nothing changes, you just sit back and say what happens happens."

White's complaints continue the discourse disparaging how Shanahan used him in 2015. "I'm not out here just (expletive) around just to sit around to just block (expletive) people all day," he said after being cut.

While White remains a free agent, he told WZGC he still wants to play and has talked to teams about what his role could be this year. The 34-year-old receiver insisted moving on from Atlanta was best for him, adding that he thought the Falcons would have won more games last season if he was used properly.

"Being released wasn't a bad thing for me, because I wasn't going to be on that team and accept the same role the following year, or then I would have self-destructed around there," he said. "I would have went crazy if I would have had to go through that another year. I can't play football like that, I was miserable.

"A lot of times we had opportunities to win games, and I wasn't put in that position to make that play, and I felt like we lost those games because I wasn't in put in that position to make that play. And I felt like if I was, then we would have been in the playoffs.

"That my side of the story."

There is also a side of the story where a player turning 35 in November lost a step, struggles to get open and isn't a cost-effective target late in his career.