Josh Norman disputes Tomlinson's cornerbacks stance


Fresh off being ranked No. 11 by his peers in The Top 100 Players of 2016, Josh Norman wasn't about to let anyone try to convince him there aren't any shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL.

Back in March, NFL Media analyst LaDainian Tomlinson created a mini firestorm among some NFL cornerbacks by stating there wasn't a true shutdown corner playing in the NFL. On Wednesday, Norman had his chance to confront the San Diego Chargers legend on the issue.

"If you say there are no shutdown corners, well there's no game-changing running backs today," said Norman on NFL Network's The Top 100 Players of 2016 Reaction Show. "I was just with a guy named A.P., so I know he's a game-changing running back, you ain't got to tell me, man."

Tomlinson wasn't swayed by Norman's sarcasm, saying the absence of a cornerback in the top 10 of the Top 100 validated his stance that there isn't a cornerback in the league today who can be characterized as a shutdown-level back. Norman disagreed.

"Look, that doesn't mean the guys back you up by saying that," the Washington Redskins standout said.

While Tomlinson doesn't consider Norman a shutdown caliber cornerback, he did say "Josh was the best corner last year."

Norman certainly is being paid like the NFL's top cornerback. Days after the Carolina Panthers stunned the NFL world by rescinding his franchise tag, the All-Pro signed a five-year, $75 million deal with the Redskins. Norman said his outstanding 2015 campaign with the Panthers was a byproduct of the new level he reached in his game.

"For me as a player, I think, you put the best 11 on the field, Norman said, "in those best 11, you're going to have guys rise, you'll have some or them stay the same or they, like, fall off. For me, I felt like I rose within that defense."