Kuechly: Panthers will keep 'attitude' without Norman


Josh Norman's abrupt departure from the Carolina Panthers in April was shocking to many, but it appears the team isn't fretting over its post-Norman future.

Speaking to NFL Network's Tiffany Blackmon on Friday, Panthers All-Pro linebacker Luke Kuechly expressed confidence the team is well-positioned to make up for the loss of Norman's energy.

"When you lose a guy like Josh, obviously, he's entertainment, energy, attitude, but that's kind of been the attitude of our defense," Kuechly said. "You know, you still have Thomas (Davis) and Charles (Johnson) and Kurt Coleman bring an edge and we've got a bunch of guys that still bring that attitude, enthusiasm.

"We've got older guys that when the young guys come in and they can kind of teach them what the mentality's like and get them on the same page. And we got three young corners that are working extremely hard, learning a lot and I think they'll be good for us."

It's the time of year when every player is almost instinctively prone to saying only positive things about their team, but does Kuechly have a point? Will the Panthers' veterans on defense provide the leadership necessary to help offset Norman leaving for the Redskins?

Time will tell if Kuechly's assessment will ring true.