Speed of NFL starting to 'slow down' for Jared Goff


Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher isn't wasting time getting Jared Goff acclimated to an NFL offense.

The No. 1 overall pick took first-team reps during multiple 11-on-11 periods during Tuesday's OTAs. The rookie quarterback said grasping the speed of the NFL has already begun to slow.

"I think there's definitely a higher speed, especially when you're with that group of 'ones' on defense, it's definitely (a) difference in speed," Goff said, via the team's official website. "But I think, like I said a couple times now, as time went on in practice, through the last eight practices, I've started to slow down. At first it was fast, and then you get more comfortable when you see stuff more often, you see the looks a few more times. And it starts to slow down a little bit."

Despite Fisher routinely commenting (read: lying) this spring that Case Keenum would begin as the starter, the long-time coach wasn't fooling anyone. This is Goff's job from the jump.

The Rams didn't mortgage their entire future to wait a year for the first-round pick to develop. The L.A. brass viewed Goff as the missing piece to finally getting out of the 7-9 doldrums.

The quarterback said playing against a stout defense each day in practice is helping him adjust to the NFL game quickly, adding he's feeling "100 times more comfortable and ready than I was at the beginning."

"I think the first half of it was a lot of learning, a lot of thinking," Goff said. "And I think halfway through last week, it started to become more playing -- more just feeling natural. Now through eight practices, I feel fairly comfortable. And I'm pretty excited about continuing to make those steps and continue to feel more comfortable and all that."

Comfortable or not, the rookie will be prepped to start from Day 1.