Rob Gronkowski is great tight end, bad ballet dancer


In the ongoing quest to find out if Rob Gronkowski will do literally anything so long as you make the request between February and July, we journey to a Miami-based ballet studio, where Gronk takes a shot at one of the finest art forms of the human body.

The stunt -- organized by the men's magazine GQ -- is actually kind of interesting when you think about it. At 6-foot-6 and 265 pounds of chiseled mass and vodka waters, Gronkowski is one of the greatest tight ends to ever play in the NFL. His combination of speed, strength and quickness make him nearly impossible to stop on the gridiron. Do those special physical traits transfer in the graceful world of ballet?

The answer is no, not really. But Gronk remains a good sport in his perpetual LMFAO video of a life.

"I think you did a lot better than how you started today," said Miami City ballet's Nathalia Arja, Gronk's teacher for the day.

Judging by Gronk's outfit, his next adventure involves being a French mime. It's a probably a better fit than performance dance.