RGIII: I don't worry about the Redskins anymore


Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III is far away from our nation's capital, but he can't seem to escape questions about his topsy-turvy career with the Redskins.

Meeting with reporters in Cleveland on Wednesday, Griffin was asked about a story by TheUndefeated.com's Jason Reid that described a tense meeting between the quarterback and former Redskins coach Mike Shanahan following the 2012 season.

"Man, I'm so far, so far removed from Washington now and focused on this opportunity here in Cleveland that I don't even worry about those things anymore," Griffin said. "You know, I can only focus on what I can control and that's here in Cleveland, being with the Dawg Pound, being with my teammates every single day. So, I just focus on those things and I didn't even see that story."

The article in question told of Griffin calling for a meeting in February 2013 with Shanahan, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur.

According to Reid, Griffin "declined to tell Mike Shanahan what he wanted to discuss, saying only it was important."

The quarterback then made his way to a blackboard and wrote the following:

1. Change things.
2. Change our protections.
3. Unacceptable.
4. Bottom line.

Per Reid, Griffin "instructed the coaches to let him speak uninterrupted and rolled through a list of grievances, stressing that substantive changes had to occur immediately. Scrap the pass protection scheme and start over, Griffin demanded. There were 19 plays -- primarily those from the 50-series and quarterback draws -- that were unacceptable. Griffin, who supported his presentation with video clips of each play, expected them to be deleted from the playbook. Bottom line, Griffin said, he was a drop-back quarterback -- not a running quarterback."

Mike Shanahan later told Reid: "When Robert is standing there going through all of that, I know it's coming from (team owner) Dan (Snyder). When Robert talked about 'unacceptable,' that was a word Dan used all the time. He was using phrases Dan used all the time. There's only one way a guy who's going into his second year would do something like this: If he sat down with the owner and the owner believed that this is the way he should be used."

Mike Shanahan also revealed that he told Snyder before the 2012 draft that "we haven't seen anything on tape that warrants giving (up) this type of compensation (to the Rams)" for the right to move up to No. 2 and draft Griffin, saying: "To me, it was absolutely crazy. But I told Dan that if that's what he wanted to do, I'd make it work."

The Redskins had no comment on The Undefeated story when contacted by NFL Media.

Now it's Hue Jackson's job to "make it work," something the new Browns coach believes he can do after claiming that "it felt like the Earth moved beneath my feet" during Griffin's workout with the team in March.

Griffin arrived in Cleveland with more questions than answers about his footwork, delivery and ability to see the field. Jackson, though, continued to speak positively about his presumptive starter, saying Wednesday: "No, RGIII doesn't have any accuracy issues, no he doesn't. ... I don't get that feeling."

Said Jackson: "Can we do some things better? Yes, he can. I think we all can. I think every quarterback can, but I don't think he has accuracy problems."

Griffin didn't want to talk about the Redskins, but he was forthcoming about needing to improve in Cleveland if he plans to rewrite the story of his NFL career.

"I'm working for perfection," Griffin said. "At this point in the process, completions aren't enough. I want to be perfect with the ball."

That's something the Browns haven't seen at quarterback in many decades. It's also something the league hasn't seen from RGIII, making this reclamation project one of the offseason's juiciest story lines.