Bryce Petty: My development shows in 'Madden' play


Bryce Petty could be playing for his Jets future this summer.

The former Baylor star -- coming off a red-shirt maiden voyage in the NFL -- will need to show considerable progress to keep his roster spot after the Jets used a second-round pick on Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg in the 2016 NFL Draft. The step from "developmental" quarterback to legitimate option is a big one, but Petty says there is a "night-and-day difference" in his growth behind center as he begins his second pro season.

"For me, it's a process," Petty told Darryl Slater of at a David Harris charity event. "Just watching film, I'm seeing things. I played Madden the other day, and it's not just picking run plays anymore. It's like, 'Oh, they've got an under front (on defense).' You start picking up things differently. That's exciting for me."

Before we bury Bryce, it should be stated that Madden has come a long way in terms of mirroring the NFL experience and he's not the first player to say the game has helped him. That said, referencing how Madden has improved comfort level is perhaps not the best way to express your preparedness for a nuanced Bill Belichick blitz package.

I wonder if Petty puts himself in the starting lineup when he plays Madden. He has to, right? That would be an even bigger red flag if he thought the video game version of himself wasn't ready for the spotlight. I can't wait until somebody asks Joe Namath about this.