Lane Johnson: 'Word on the street' Bradford will return


Sam Bradford skipped the start of voluntary workouts as he attempted to manufacture a trade out of Philadelphia.

The quarterback's teammates believe that standoff is soon ending. Right tackle Lane Johnson told 97.5 The Fanatic on Sunday that he's heard chatter the quarterback will return to work and begin prepping for the 2016 season.

"I haven't really talked to him, but word on the street, from guys that have, is that he'll be back pretty quick and be ready for OTAs," Johnson said. "... I expect him to be back, this week or probably next week, that's the word on the street, anyway."

Johnson's comments echo several other teammates who believed the quarterback was caught off guard by the move up in the draft to select Carson Wentz, which spurned the trade request. After several weeks of milling it over -- and other options drying up after the draft -- Eagles players believe Bradford will return.

As far as Johnson is concerned, Bradford's standing in the locker room won't change because he requested a trade.

"I just see it as a guy handling his business," Johnson said. "Obviously, I think he's going to return and when he does that, we'll break the ice and get back to work."

The right tackle said Wentz's presence will only aid in Bradford's improvement.

"You know, I think the deal with Carson being here, I think that will just bring the best out of Sam, as far as that's concerned," Johnson said. "When you have competition like that, I think it'll be a good thing for us."

Wentz was drafted for the future. Eagles players want to win now and believe Bradford gives them the best shot, which should smooth over most locker room issues.

Bradford's trade demand always felt a little like I child pouting. Perhaps he's realized the best way to lock down a starting gig in the future is pulling off a Drew Brees in 2005-type season.

The first step is returning to work.