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Matt Forte would be 'disappointed' with no Fitzpatrick


The Jets were good enough last year to flirt with playoff contention and draw some talented free agents in the offseason.

But now, incoming stars like Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte are wondering where the quarterback is. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets remain millions apart and nothing will get done at least until after the draft.

"I'd be disappointed (if I don't) get to work with him (given that he was here) last year and the good job he did," Forte said Tuesday on CBS Sports Radio, via The New York Post. "But at the same time, you have to prepare yourself for the worst or if that doesn't happen."

He added: "I hope he does sign and come back so that we can continue to hold off the momentum from last year that him and Brandon (Marshall) and Eric (Decker) and all the receivers and the offense had last year. We can take a step in the right direction in that aspect, continuing on with that momentum that they had last year. It's not all said and done yet, so we're still waiting."

A late-career move to New York isn't always just about football, but we're sure that Forte didn't turn down offers elsewhere to specifically play alongside Geno Smith. While it's part of the game, a Fitzpatrick reunion always seemed like a foregone conclusion before it became clear how far apart both sides were. Forte, for his part, has said he hopes Fitzpatrick digs in and gets the money he wants.

Now, Forte has to play the waiting game like everyone else.

Free agency is such a fickle process. Earlier this year we heard about the Texans and their inability to truly grill Brock Osweiler before signing him to a massive free agent deal. Forte's situation isn't of the same ilk, but it goes to show how incomplete a picture players are working with when they make a decision.