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Five teams that control the 2016 NFL Draft


Every year in the draft, there are several teams that hold the cards to play a leading role in determining how things play out. There's a domino effect based on what those teams do or don't do. Sometimes it has to do with the number of picks a team possesses, and other times it has to do with where a team is positioned in the draft. Here are five teams that hold the keys to the 2016 NFL Draft.


No. of selections: 8
Draft picks: Round 1 (3), Round 2 (35), Round 3 (66), Round 4 (102), Round 5 (175), Round 6 (179), Round 6 (198), Round 7 (224)
Skinny: They'll have a choice of any of the top position players at No. 3 if quarterbacks go 1-2, as expected. Depending on whom they select -- Laremy Tunsil, Jalen Ramsey and DeForest Buckner are among the prospects in play for the pick -- it'll have a pretty big impact on the rest of the top 10. I think there are teams in the top 10 wishing and hoping for each of those players, and one of them will be taken off the list at No. 3. However, since those three players each fit a need for the Chargers, they might be a candidate to trade down a couple spots and pick up additional picks, which would give them an opportunity in other rounds to address other needs.


No. of selections: 9
Draft picks: Round 1 (4), Round 2 (34), Round 3 (67), Round 4 (101), Round 4 (135), Round 6 (189), Round 6 (212), Round 6 (216), Round 6 (217)
Skinny: Do they take Ezekiel Elliott at No. 4? If they pass on him, it will be interesting to see how far he slides. For a long time, I thought the decision for Dallas at No. 4 would come down to Buckeye vs. Buckeye: Joey Bosa or Elliott? In the last 24-48 hours, I'm hearing that if Jalen Ramsey is available, he's more likely to be their pick.


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No. of selections: 12
Draft picks: Round 1 (8), Round 2 (32), Round 3 (65), Round 3 (77), Round 4 (99), Round 4 (100), Round 4 (138), Round 5 (141), Round 5 (172), Round 5 (173), Round 6 (176), Round 7 (223)
Skinny: Obviously, they are a big player in this draft because of their bounty of picks. They have the currency to move around if they so choose. Will they take the third QB off the board at No. 8? Do they stay at No. 8 and take the best available position player? Do they trade back from No. 8 and target a quarterback later on? Or do they pick at No. 8 and then try to use some of their other picks to get back into the first round for a quarterback? There's intrigue around the league about what the new regime in Cleveland is going to do.


No. of selections: 9
Draft picks: Round 1 (15), Round 2 (33), Round 2 (43), Round 2 (45), Round 3 (64), Round 3 (76), Round 5 (140), Round 6 (193), Round 7 (222)
Skinny: They have a ton of picks. Are they content to stay at No. 15 or will they try to move up for a player that they covet? There's a chance they could trade up to Nos. 6 or 7, and potentially still get the player they were targeting with the No. 1 overall pick before they traded that selection to the Rams. With all the picks that they have, I'll be keeping an eye on them to see if they trade some of this year's picks for higher picks in next year's draft. GM Jon Robinson has a lot of experience in New England and that's something the Patriots have been known to do. They have the means to move around, up or down.


No. of selections: 6
Draft picks: Round 1 (20), Round 2 (51), Round 3 (83), Round 4 (118), Round 7 (241), Round 7 (235)
Skinny: Are they the landing spot for the third quarterback off the board? Will they consider trading up for that QB? Or will they move down? They're positioned in "receiver row". After the Jets at No. 20, there are several teams picking shortly thereafter that need receivers. If you want the top receiver in the draft, the Jets could be the key trade chip. They have just six picks in this draft, which is all the more reason why they might be interested in trading down and acquiring more selections. Also, Muhammad Wilkerson's situation will be worth monitoring over the next couple days.

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