Is Flacco elite? Poll finds Maryland split on issue


"Is Joe Flacco elite?!?"

The debate regarding the Baltimore Ravens quarterback has raged in vast corners of the internet and flamed many bar discussions for years. Now the question has some polling data.

In the thick of the political season, polls are taken of constituencies across the nation. Public Policy Polling recently added a sports twist during its survey of Maryland residents.

The poll found that 39 percent of Marylanders believe Flacco is, in fact, elite; 31 percent responded that he's not elite.

Perfect. Even Maryland residents are still divided on the issue. So much for ending those bar arguments. 

The 39 percent initially seems low, until we consider that the poll also found the 38 percent of Maryland residents consider the Ravens their favorite NFL team, with 22 percent identifying as Redskins fans. Cowboys, Steelers, Packers and Giants fans also made up slices of the pie, per PFT.

I'm sure this will end all those frivolous debates surrounding the $100 million quarterback.