Packers LB Sam Barrington reels in 400-pound shark


Packers linebacker Sam Barrington went fishing this offseason, an outdoors activity not uncommon for professional athletes across the country.

But Barrington wasn't on the hunt for trout or salmon. He set his sights higher, reeling in a 400-pound bull shark off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, last week.

"Took about 45 minutes to get him in but it was worth it," Barrington wrote in the caption of his Instagram photo.

Fun fact: The bull shark is regarded by many experts as the most dangerous species of shark in the world. It is aggressive (bad), known to linger in shallow areas (double bad) and has the rare ability to swim in both salt and fresh water (triple bad). During the 1920s, a series of bull shark attacks along the Jersey Shore inspired author Peter Benchley to write Jaws.

(You know, for a football blogger, he had an awful lot of information, don't you think?)

According to National Geographic, the bull shark is not an endangered species, so let's not bury Barrington for reeling this sucker to his demise. Who knows? He might have saved your life.