Edelman, Amendola try their hand at sketch comedy

When my friends and I were in high school -- OK, it might have crept into college -- it was not uncommon to break out the camcorder in order to interrupt the monotony of a quiet weekend afternoon. We would serve as the writers, directors, producers and stars of our own short film, many of them purportedly comedic in nature. It brings back nice memories -- the late '90s really was a more innocent time -- but I'd be lying if I told you we ever created anything approximating essential art.

Which leads me to the above video uploaded Thursday by Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. In the sketch -- a parody of the long-running FOX series COPS -- Edelman and Pats teammate Danny Amendola patrol the streets of "Boston" as wackiness ensues. The production levels are superior to what me and my buddies once produced, but can I say the final product is definitively superior? I really cannot, though you can judge for yourself if these PatsBros have a second career in comedy.

If nothing else, I'm just relieved a) there are no surviving copies of my home videos and b) Amendola got off that f------ rock at Drake's house.

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