Best revenge games on 2016 NFL schedule

Delicious revenge. In the wrong hands it can be toxic and ruinous to all parties involved. But a skillful exercise in this fine art has the ability to deliver comeuppance both cathartic and just.

The idea of revenge neatly translates to the world of sports, where there will always be winners, losers, and the unending churn of roster turnover. Did I mention egos? There are lots of egos. Lots and lots and lots of egos.

Let's take a look at the best revenge games on the 2016 NFL schedule.

Brock Osweiler vs. Broncos, Week 7

The main course on the revenge slate. John Elway and the Broncos groomed Osweiler as Peyton Manning's successor for four years only to watch him follow the money to Houston once Manning stepped out the door. Did the Broncos poison the well by benching Osweiler in December? Did Osweiler's quest for the big bucks trump common sense? We won't get a definitive answer from one Monday night game in October, but it will be fun to watch.

Robert Griffin III vs. Redskins, Week 4

First things first: There's a decent chance RGIII doesn't even play in this game. If the Browns take a quarterback high in the draft, there's a very real chance Griffin starts the season as a high-profile backup. Even if he does begin the season as starter, it's a roll of the dice if Griffin will be healthy by the season's quarter pole.

But let's hope he's an active QB1 when the Browns travel to D.C. Remember, there was a time where RGIII looked like the future of the NFL and the Redskins -- because of that fact -- seemed destined for years of greatness. Then a bunch of stuff happened. We don't know how much bad blood remains between the two sides, but you can guarantee Griffin will be dying to show his old team they were wrong to give up on him.

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Jimmy Graham vs. Saints, Week 8

You really, really hope Jimmy Graham is still Jimmy Graham when he gets back on the field. He suffered a torn patellar in his knee last November -- an injury known to permanently rob athletes of their explosiveness. Victor Cruz is still trying to come back from the same malady. If Graham can recover, we're sure he'd like to show Saints management what they're missing while they try to talk themselves into the Josh Hill era.

Chris Long vs. Rams, Week 13

Chris Long can't be happy. For years, he languished as a star player on some excruciatingly mediocre Rams squads, then got cut just as the team moved back to L.A. and pulled off a blockbuster pre-draft trade to finally land a legitimate franchise quarterback. There are smart people who believe Long could have a comeback season in the tank with the Patriots, and you know he has Dec. 4 circled on the calendar.

Mario Williams vs. Bills, Week 7 & 16

Williams was famously critical of Rex Ryan's defensive schemes, which he felt didn't fully make the most of his abilities. Meanwhile, there were Bills teammates who were critical of Williams, believing the highly paid pass-rusher didn't always give full effort as Buffalo limped to another dark January. Williams was cut and resurfaced with the division-rival Dolphins, setting the stage for a delicious double-sided revenge narrative. Can you taste it?