Better comeback candidate: Colin Kaepernick or RGIII?


You sent questions, I've got answers. Some of them might even make sense, depending on your perspective. Thanks to everyone who took part in the latest Around The NFL Mailbag. Let's get to it ...

I think Colin Kaepernick is far more likely to resurrect his career. In Robert Griffin III's case, lower-body injuries have robbed him of the elite athleticism that helped make him so unique in his rookie year. Perhaps a year away from the field will restore some of those abilities, but I'm dubious. Plus, he signed with the Browns, literally the last place any veteran should go to save his career. What are agents for, anyway?

Kaepernick has dealt with injuries of his own, but not at Griffin's level. At 28, I still think Kaepernick can be salvaged with better health, improved mechanics and better talent around him. That's why I've been so surprised by John Elway's poker face through the Kaep trade saga with San Francisco. If Denver actually goes into a title defense with Mark Sanchez behind center, something went very, very wrong.

I mean, I guess I should say Bill Belichick. Everybody wants to be part of a winner. Confession: I haven't been on a championship outfit since my Mighty Midgets soccer team went 10-0-1 in 1988. That said, life on the Patriot Way feels stifling and hollow. So sign me up for Bruce Arians. Who's ever had a bad time with Bruce Arians?

This question makes me think of Andrew Luck. No one since Manning came into the league as a bigger lock for greatness. And Luck lived up to the hype, finding immediate success with MVP-type production and three consecutive playoff trips. But Luck's 2015 season showed just how hard it is to pull off what Manning and Brady have done over the past 15 years. You need good coaches, good luck with your health and a front office that knows what it's doing. I'm not sure Luck had any of that last season and we saw what happened.

Perhaps the Seahawks have the best structure in place for extended run of success. They're already four years deep into a run of double-digit wins with two trips to the Super Bowl. With Russell Wilson, coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider entrenched, I can see more success for the balance of the decade. But nothing is promised, and Seattle has a long way to go.

That, no matter what I achieve in this world and no matter how high I climb in my life, I'll never truly be happy. Anywayyyyyy .... Football! Girls! Nachos! What's next?

Give Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan credit: No one can say he was passive once the Brick news broke. Clady might just be a one-year rental, but it's a smart pickup for a win-now team.

Speaking of Clady, the Jets gave up a fifth-round pick and got back a seventh-rounder to complete the deal. It's the same parameters of New York's deal with the Bears last March that brought Brandon Marshall to town. In summation: Big Mac gave up two late-round picks to get two players with a combined 10 Pro Bowl selections. This is good GM'in'.

Since this is my mailbag, let's do another J-E-T-S query...

I say this with peace and love: I cannot and will not get back on the #GenoCoaster. Been there, done that. I might seriously need to be committed if Geno makes more than six starts for the Jets in 2016.

If the Jets are serious about this hardline stance with Fitzmagic -- which, not for nothing, is pretty disrespectful considering how Ryan Fitzpatrick bailed the team out in the wake of #PunchGate last summer -- the only other acceptable move was to make a charge up the draft board to get a QB in the first round. Muhammad Wilkerson is a trade chip that makes the Jets a Day 1 wild card in Chicago.

You're asking the wrong guy. I'm still in mourning after I learned I'll have to put up with another Star Wars cash grab this year. I beg for mercy.

I'm pretty sure it will. It's doubtful the world would be able to stay on its gravitational axis if the Rams did anything but go 7-9. In a time of so much uncertainty, it's the one thing we can count on.

I really hope I'm wrong, but I think we might be closer to the end of the Tony Romo era in Dallas than most people think. Whenever you have a surgery to shave off a piece of your bone (gross) in an effort to protect that bone from not getting snapped (gross) for a fourth time, things have reached a crisis point. And all the clavicle heat has pushed the chronic back issues to the background. Never sleep on the punishing effect of a bad back.

So, yes, I absolutely think the Cowboys should use their top pick on a signal-caller of the future. Remember, the options behind Romo currently include Kellen Moore and Jameill Showers. I'm not even sure Jameill Showers is a real person.

Bradford: Week 3
RGIII: Week 4
Keenum: Won't be the starter
Osweiler: $37 million guaranteed = no bench for stench

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