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Penn State's Zettel worked out on DL, at LB and TE


New York Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan and Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman were on hand for Penn State's pro day on Thursday.

Quarterback Christian Hackenberg -- 6-foot-4 5/8, 222 pounds -- did a good job going through a scripted workout conducted by Jordan Palmer -- Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer's younger brother.

Defensive tackle Austin Johnson -- 6-4 1/2, 310 -- stood on his numbers from the NFL Scouting Combine, and had a good positional workout.

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Defensive end Carl Nassib -- 6-7 1/8, 279 -- was worked out as a defensive lineman as well as a linebacker, and did a good job.

Defensive tackle Anthony Zettel -- 6-4 1/8, 280 -- had a 9-foot-4 broad jump, and was worked out as a defensive lineman, linebacker and tight end.

Safety Jordan Lucas -- 5-11 1/8, 203 -- did the 40-yard dash in 4.45 and 4.46 seconds. He had a 38-inch vertical jump and 10-foot-10 broad jump. He did the 20-yard short shuttle in 4.21 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.78 seconds. Lucas looked very good in his positional workout.

Cornerback Trevor Williams -- 5-10 1/4, 191 -- ran the 40 in 4.41 and 4.46 seconds. He had a 35 1/2-inch vertical and 10-foot-5 broad jump. He did the short shuttle in 4.15 seconds and the three-cone in 6.84 seconds. He performed 16 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press. Williams is a potential rookie free-agent pickup for a team following the 2016 NFL Draft.

Penn State's pro day was held indoors and run on FieldTurf.

Here are notes from two other pro days that were held on Thursday:

Central Michigan

Representatives from 29 NFL teams were on hand for Central Michigan's pro day on Thursday, when 12 CMU players, three from Ferris State and one from Hillsdale College worked out indoors and on FieldTurf.

Safety Kavon Frazier -- 6-0, 215 -- ran the 40 in 4.52 and 4.55 seconds. He had a 40 1/2-inch vertical jump and 10-foot-8 broad jump. He did the short shuttle in 4.29 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.96 seconds. A defensive backs coach from the Cincinnati Bengals put Frazier through his positional workout. He had a real good pro day, and showed good hands and only had one drop.

Tight end Ben McCord -- 6-2 7/8, 237 -- ran the 40 in 4.84 and 4.88 seconds. He had a 32 1/2-inch vertical and 9-foot-6 broad jump. He did the short shuttle in 4.42 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.03 seconds. He performed 15 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press.

Ferris State quarterback Jason Vanderlaan -- 6-3 3/8, 241 -- was also at Northwestern's pro day on March 8. He was back for another workout at CMU's pro day, where he was worked out at tight end (the New England Patriots did this at Northwestern's pro day, too). One of the teams present for CMU's pro day expressed interest in Vanderlaan working out at linebacker, too, but he declined.

San Diego State

There were representatives from 10 NFL teams were on hand for San Diego State's pro day Thursday, when nine players worked out outdoors and on FieldTurf.

Offensive tackle Pearce Slater -- 6-6, 322 -- ran the 40 in 5.44 and 5.42 seconds. He had a 24 1/2-inch vertical and 7-foot-2 broad jump. He put the bar up 19 times on the bench press.

Offensive guard Darrell Green -- 6-2 7/8, 320 -- had a 22 1/2-inch vertical and 8-foot-3 broad jump, and then stood on the rest of his numbers from the scouting combine.

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