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DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon part of Redskins' plans


INDIANAPOLIS -- Robert Griffin III aside, the buzz word for the 2016 Redskins is continuity.

They will have largely the same coaching staff and, assuming they place the franchise tag on quarterback Kirk Cousins or lock him up on a long-term deal, they will have the same starting quarterback.


According to coach Jay Gruden, they will also have the same wide receivers, one through three.

"Yeah, they're on our roster, so I'm excited about it," Gruden said. "Get DeSean in there full time, healthy. There's no substitute for speed, and DeSean gives us that. And obviously Pierre is one of the toughest receivers in the game and they complement each other very well. Throw Jordan Reed in the middle and that's a pretty good arsenal of weapons."

Jackson is an obvious candidate for salary-cap space relief. Nearing 30, his contract can be easily shed without the fear of prohibitive dead money. His contract goes through the 2016 season and pays him a base salary of $3.75 million. He counts $9.25 million against the cap.

Garcon is in a similar situation and doesn't have the balky numbers to back up the deal like Jackson does.

With both contracts set to expire, the smart play might be what Gruden is hinting at. The Redskins' offense reached its peak last year after Jackson returned from a nagging hamstring injury. He went on a torrid stretch that included 21 catches for 429 yards and four touchdowns over a four-week period late in the season. His over-the-top speed helped open up the offense and create mismatches for Reed.

Receivers are at a premium this offseason in free agency and the Redskins are not in the place to be overspending on the likes of Rishard Matthews or Jermaine Kearse -- not yet anyway.


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