DeAngelo Williams: Brady only guy who likes Belichick


And now, your daily reminder that professional football is a tough racket, courtesy of DeAngelo Williams' contract termination letter from the Carolina Panthers.

That is cold-blooded. Williams caught on with the Steelers following his departure from Carolina and showed there was a lot more left in his tank than perhaps Ron Rivera and Dave Gettleman realized. Williams rushed for more than 900 yards and 11 touchdowns on 4.5 yards per attempt, filling the shoes of the injured Le'Veon Bell in a, shall we say, "satisfactory" manner.

Williams' tweet prompted a reply from a Patriots fan who told the running back he would be properly respected if he came to New England. Williams offered up an intriguing response.

Man, it's hard to shake that nagging feeling that some people don't like Bill Belichick. Maybe I'm crazy.