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Wade Phillips excited for Super Bowl win, Lady Gaga


Mic'd up coaches and players competing in the Super Bowl provide us with some of the most emotional moments in sports.

And then there's Wade Phillips.


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Amid the glitter-soaked aftermath of Super Bowl 50, we saw Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak hugging his mom and talking about how proud dad would have been. Phillips, on the other hand, was seen telling his loved ones the big news: "And we got to see Lady Gaga!"

Phillips was a star this Super Bowl season and might very well have orchestrated his finest defense to date. The 68-year-old Texan has been put through the NFL ringer enough times to create a legacy that has footprints all across the NFL. Having his first Super Bowl ring come this season could have made it that much better. Good things come to those who wait and who deserve it, and there are few people who have worked with Phillips that would deny that he deserved it.

When asked on Super Bowl Opening Night if this was his greatest defense of all-time, Phillips said that beating the Panthers would go a long way toward helping him make that decision.

"To hold Pittsburgh to 16 points and New England to 18 points, and we play a tremendous game this game, I think you'd have to rate them pretty high," he said. "It's up to everyone to determine that, it depends on how we play obviously, but you almost never lead the league in every category.

"And even rushing, we were third but we gave up the fewest yards per carry. So we almost literally led the league in every major category."

So hats off to a man who might have created his finest work after nearly seven decades, but can still appreciate the stylings of Lady Gaga.


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