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Marshall: Panthers did everything we saw on film

  • By Andie Hagemann
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Heading into Sunday's Super Bowl 50 tilt, the Denver Broncos' defense sought to force Cam Newton to react to them.

So how did the Broncos execute their mission with seeming ease? The team said the Panthers were too predictable.

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"They did everything that we saw on film," linebacker Brandon Marshall said per "That's the crazy thing. You'd think with two weeks to prepare for the Super Bowl, they would do a new wrinkle. They did everything the same. Nothing new."

Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips remarked that Newton "doesn't scramble a whole lot. ... He tries to throw from the pocket."

Marshall added, "In a lot of games we saw on film, Newton was just sitting back, patting the ball. We'd see two (free defenders) in the middle of the field just not doing anything."

In order to contain the dual-threat signal caller, the Broncos opted to use their extra defenders to blitz Newton and force him out of the pocket.

Safety T.J. Ward said this tactic and the extra bodies on the pass rush "flustered" the Panthers' offense.

The Panthers were stifled to a season-low 10 points and gave up four turnovers and seven sacks.

"We read them like a book," Ward said.


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