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Debate: Which draft prospect most reminds you of Von Miller?

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There are precious few players like Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, but are there any prospects in the 2016 draft that could one day make a Miller-like impact in the NFL?

We asked our panel of experts to name a prospect who most reminds them of Miller. Here are their answers.

  • Gil Brandt
  • Bosa among prospects helped by Miller's performance

    I think Ohio State's Joey Bosa reminds me most of Von Miller. The edge rushers in the draft made some money in the Super Bowl because of the way Denver's edge rushers were able to disrupt Cam Newton. I think finding edge rushers will become an even greater priority for teams in the draft. UCLA's Myles Jack also comes to mind -- he's such an athlete that he can play anywhere on the field. I'd rank Bosa first and Jack second in response to this question.

  • Bucky Brooks
  • Shades of Miller in Spence

    Eastern Kentucky's Noah Spence reminds me of Von Miller. He is a dynamic athlete with explosive first-step quickness and natural rush skills. Most importantly, he flashes the ability to "bend and burst" around the corner using a "dip-and-rip" move to get home. Given the challenge of slowing down a speed rusher with exceptional balance and body control, Spence could make a Miller-like impact off the edges.

  • Lance Zierlein
  • UCLA LB is similar from physical perspective

    There really is no comparable talent to Von Miller in this year's draft. The closest you could come would be Myles Jack from UCLA, but he's never been a full-time rusher and is more of a physical match than a pass-rush match. Leonard Floyd from Georgia has great upside as a rusher, but he lacks some of the play strength Miller had coming out. The best match with Miller is still in college football -- Texas A&M's Myles Garrett.

  • Daniel Jeremiah
  • No one compares to Miller

    I don't think there's anyone even remotely close to Von Miller in this draft class. Joey Bosa isn't nearly that bendy or twitchy. They have totally different body types. Noah Spence is gifted but he's not as long or as loose of an athlete as Miller.

  • Chase Goodbread College Football 24/7
  • Utah State star has comparable style

    Kyler Fackrell of Utah State won't be a No. 2 overall pick like Miller, but he has loads of athleticism to get pressure off the edge. The former Aggies star has outstanding potential as an NFL pass rusher, particularly if he can add some size to further develop more power. Will he average 12 sacks in the regular season over his first five years in the NFL the way Miller has? Don't bet on it -- the next Von Miller might not be available anywhere in this draft -- but from a style standpoint, Fackrell's game is similar to the Broncos Super Bowl hero's.

  • Chad Reuter College Football 24/7
  • Keep eye on OSU LB

    If former Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee had been asked to attack the quarterback on every play, he might very well have been the nation's sack leader. Lee's athleticism is outstanding, and he's just scratching the surface of his potential. NFL coaches and teammates will help him hone his pass-rush skills to become a force in the backfield.

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