Rob Gronkowski: Pro Bowl 'might need to be changed'

Add Rob Gronkowski to the list of players (and fans) who'd like to see changes made to the Pro Bowl.

Speaking on NFL Total Access in San Francisco on Wednesday, Gronk said it was impossible for him to make the trip to Hawaii last week to play in the Pro Bowl -- his body wouldn't allow it.

"That game might need to be changed," Gronkowski said. "I mean, you can't go from a whole season, AFC Championship Game, giving it all you've got, and think you've got to hop on a flight to Hawaii that next Tuesday when (you) still can't even walk ... I took, like, 20 hits that game."

The Pro Bowl has been a point of contention for players and fans for quite a while. The NFL has made numerous changes to the game over the years to promote competition and interest in the all-star contest, but it's still seen as the pariah of the NFL schedule despite its star power and prime location.

Gronkowski, no stranger to having a good time, seemed as if he lamented having to miss another Pro Bowl. Still, any desire he might have had to play was sensibly overshadowed by concerns about maintaining his health.

"It's hard to go from (the AFC title game), giving it all you've got in the playoffs to go right to the Pro Bowl," Gronkowski said. "You got to have your body rest, man."

Perhaps it's time to consider whether the Pro Bowl should continue to be a postseason tradition. Maybe it's time for the NFL to think outside the box.