Cam: Why can't LeBron be the Cam of power forwards?


Cam Newton owns the most ridiculous combination of size, speed and agility in the NFL.

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During Super Bowl Opening Night media festivities on Monday, Cam was asked if he was the LeBron James of the NFL.

"Why can't LeBron be the Cam Newton of power forwards?" the Panthers quarterback retorted with a smile.

Sorry, Cam, LeBron was a star first. Our comparison generator doesn't work in reverse.

The parallels between Newton and LeBron aren't terribly far off. No one on a basketball floor has the size and speed James boasts. He's nearly impossible to guard when getting a head of steam. Likewise, Newton is a menace to defenses with his ability to plow over defenders or stand in the pocket and throw. Like LeBron, there is no one playing quarterback even close to Newton's natural skill set.

Also like LeBron, Newton is incessantly picked apart. The presumptive NFL MVP has become a story for his post-play celebrations, dancing and dabbing.

"I plan to do a lot more dancing in my career, and I plan to do some more dancing Sunday if I have reason to dance," he said Monday.

Good. Newton should dance and celebrate, especially when he barrels over a defender for a touchdown like he's LeBron.