McCarthy 'fed up' with Packers' free-agency approach


Green Bay Packers fans have long lamented Ted Thompson's close-to-the-vest, take-few-chances approach to team building.

Perhaps coach Mike McCarthy is joining the chorus.

Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of the most plugged-in NFL reporters in the country, reported that McCarthy is "fed up" with Thompson's conservative approach to free agency.

Every game, all season

"According to several sources, McCarthy is fed up with his boss' unwillingness to take a chance and reinforce the roster with veteran players that might be unknown to the Packers but have the talent to contribute," McGinn wrote in a column that lambasted both the GM and coach for a lost season.

It's not groundbreaking that McCarthy or anyone else in the Packers' organization is frustrated with how 2015 unfolded. Yet, it likely won't change a dadgum thing when it comes to the team's approach.

Thompson has been lauded as a draft-and-develop general manager who takes few risks in free agency. Signing Julius Peppers two years ago was viewed as an anomaly -- one that worked out exceedingly well.

Watching other teams flounder with overpriced free agents, which happens on a yearly basis, Thompson isn't going to alter his approach because of one exceedingly frustrating season that was punctuated by injuries.

The GM could very well point to frustration with the coaching staff for not milking more production out of the reserve talent it was given.

At the end of the day, the 2015 season was a disappointment for everyone in Green Bay. That doesn't mean the philosophy that has brought decades of stability and seven straight playoff appearances should be scrapped.