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Belichick walks in Pats locker room with boxing gloves


As we've said many times in the past, Bill Belichick is one of the funniest head coaches in football.

Wednesday's proof came from a scene reported in the Patriots locker room. On Tuesday, Belichick appeared at a press conference with a black left eye. This created a flurry of speculation, mostly in good humor.

"I think I'll live," he said when asked.

That's when he decided to walk through the locker room carrying a pair of boxing gloves.

This brings up a few additional thoughts. The first? This might have been Belichick's way of just letting everyone know that he found a new way to work out, and to stop suggesting he was walloped in some sort of locker room melee.

The second: Someone, possibly a trainer, could have accidentally nailed Bill Belichick in the face during a workout. Can you imagine the terror?

Good on Belichick for giving us a laugh, even if this one wasn't intentional. He's now on to Kansas City.