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Is Broncos' postseason Peyton Manning's last rodeo?


Coach Gary Kubiak's decision to start Peyton Manning in the Divisional Round of the playoffs means the legendary quarterback's final NFL moment will not be a rousing standing ovation from the Denver faithful after leading the Broncos to a comeback victory in the regular-season finale.

Now that Manning is back in the saddle, inquiring minds want to know: Will the upcoming postseason be his last rodeo?

"I'd be lying to say I've never thought (about it). ... That's probably not the case," Manning conceded Thursday. "But I am excited to think about who were going to play (next) weekend and have the opportunity to help contribute in some way.

"As far as anything beyond that, there will be a time and a place for that."

When an injured Manning was benched for Brock Osweiler in mid-November, reports surfaced suggesting the 39-year-old was intent on returning for the 2016 season with or without the Broncos.

Manning has repeatedly stated that he never makes a definitive decision on his playing future until he takes a March physical that triggers his contract for the next season.

The 20-game grind since the beginning of training camp has been so taxing on his body that it's natural to suppose he will walk away now that he has received one last chance at a playoff run.

"I've always told y'all I'll never write a book," Manning added Thursday. "I could probably write a pretty good short story, though, on this past offseason and this season. But right now it's fun to be able to focus on the now."