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Pittsburgh area shop sends Bills free food for Jets win


The Buffalo Bills are not going to the playoffs, but because they knocked the Jets out of the postseason, they are getting free Primanti Brothers sandwiches.

Not a bad consolation prize, right?

Primanti Brothers is a regional chain in the Pittsburgh area that specializes in sandwiches loaded with grilled meat, cole slaw and french fries. The Steelers limped into the playoffs thanks to the stunning Jets loss, so restaurant general manager Toni Haggerty figured it was the least they could do.

"I think we'll probably toss in a Terrible Towel or two," she told

Of all the free food publicity stunts we've seen this season, this has to be the most delicious. The Vikings got hundreds of free McDonald's cheeseburgers, but really, who wouldn't want an Almost Famous -- salami, turkey or roast beef piled on Italian bread with fries and cole slaw -- on the way out of the building on Tuesday?