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Ask 5: Who is the most polarizing player in college football?

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Robert Nkemdiche's off-the-field issues could scare away NFL teams come draft time.

Some prospects are often topics of heated debates among evaluators, especially if they're failing to live up to preseason hype or having off-field issues that lead to questions about their intangibles.

Who is the most polarizing player in college football? I reached out to five NFL personnel executives to get their answer. Here are their responses:

Executive 1: Robert Nkemdiche, DT, Ole Miss
"I'm sure you'll here this name a bunch. Nkemdiche is very talented, but he's also very troubled. There will be some interesting discussions."

Executive 2: Nkemdiche
"Easy. It's Nkemdiche. He's very talented (but) there are a lot of issues off the field."

Executive 3: Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State
"Some will be blindsided by the talent and look past the intangibles."

Executive 4: Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State
"He's very gifted, but the guy got benched. Grades will be all over the lot on him."

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Executive 5: Cook and Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State
"It's always the quarterbacks. Opinions will vary."

Verdict: That's two votes for Nkemdiche, one and a half for Cook, one for Jones and a half vote for Hackenberg.

Conclusion: I'm not surprised by any of these answers. Nkemdiche has big-time talent, but his latest off-the-field issue is a bad look for him and it has evaluators scurrying to collect more background information. The quarterback position will always elicit a variety of opinions because evaluators place different values on specific traits.

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