Gary Kubiak: Antonio Brown has my vote for MVP


Gary Kubiak has faced a laundry list of MVP candidates this season, but the Broncos coach remains in awe of the destruction Antonio Brown wreaked on Denver's defense in Week 15.

"I know who I'd be voting for right now for MVP," Kubiak said after watching the Steelers wideout haul in 16 catches for 189 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday's 34-27 win over the Broncos, per The Denver Post. "Watching that kid play -- I mean, he's something else."

Every game, all season

The normally ultra-reliable Chris Harris was the Broncos cover man who took the brunt of Brown's onslaught, leaving the defender to say: "He had a lot of short catches. I didn't make the tackles. I'm usually a guy that never misses tackles, so I just wasn't myself."

Harris isn't the first cornerback to crumble against Brown, who leads the NFL with a whopping 1,586 yards through the air, a figure that would loom larger had quarterback Ben Roethlisberger not missed five starts this season.

Unfortunately for Brown, wideouts don't win MVP trophies. Dating back to 1957, no pass-catcher has nabbed the award. But forget the hardware: The Broncos saw first-hand what Brown can do, and it's something that no other receiver in the league is capable of at this moment in time.