Cam on Norman-Beckham: Not playing patty-cake


Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman got after it Sunday both during and after the whistle, with the Giants receiver crossing the line at certain points.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had his own take on the Beckham-Norman battle.

"You got two bulls going at it in a physical sport, a field full of alpha males, they're not going to be playing patty-cake, patty-cake," Newton said via the Associated Press.

Well, we have our next TD celebration (smashcut to Panthers players playing patty-cake in the end zone).

While it's true that NFL players are the most alpha of the alpha males both physically and mentally, even the roughest of play usually doesn't lead to the helmet-to-helmet hit we saw from Beckham.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports Monday the league is considering a possible suspension for the Giants' wideout. At the very least Beckham can expect a heavy fine.

Patty-cake would have been a better idea.