One thing about DeMarco Murray that isn't missed in Dallas

The following item is excerpted from the Week 15 edition of Albert Breer's exclusive Inside the NFL Notebook:

That the Cowboys rank 11th in rushing yards and ninth in per-carry average despite playing most of the year without quarterback Tony Romo or any steady, consistent tailback is a testament to the kind of offensive line they're putting out there each week. Losing Romo for all but four games was a stroke of horrible luck, for sure.

But the running back situation didn't have to turn out this way, and it might not have, if things had fallen differently in late April or early May. According to multiple club sources, the team was prepared to take Todd Gurley with the 27th overall pick (which wound up being used on Byron Jones). That seemed realistic at the beginning of the process, but it quickly became a pipe dream. Taking that into account, Dallas targeted T.J. Yeldon as a potential second-round pick, and the team would've wrestled with taking him over Randy Gregory (whom they were surprised to see available at 60) had he not gone to the Jaguars at No. 36. Dallas also looked hard at drafting Thomas Rawls in the seventh round before trying, in vain, to sign him as a college free agent.

Would having Gurley, Yeldon or Rawls have changed everything? No. And Dallas isn't under the illusion it would've. But this situation does illustrate that while some positions may be fungible to some degree (the Eagles went through this with their guards), you can't just get by with anyone in those spots. One thing the Cowboys aren't exactly showing regret for is the decision to let DeMarco Murray walk. Yes, he was a great fit for the Dallas offense. But the Murray-related drama of the last two weeks didn't exactly shock his old co-workers. "The guy is a pro in his preparation and toughness and competitiveness," said one club source. "But he's also entitled, selfish and condescending. He's a great 'team' guy when he's the guy." Murray's reputation in Dallas was of a player who'd mope at times when things didn't go his way, which is part of what the Eagles have dealt with of late.

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