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Arians, Fitzgerald unhappy with home-game turnout


Bruce Arians and Larry Fitzgerald are not happy with you, Cardinals fans.

"It's going to take a little more time to stop seeing waves and just complete sections of the visiting team where you normally see Cardinal fans," Arians said, via The Arizona Republic. "I don't give a (s--t) how much you get for your tickets, it ain't worth it."

Fitzgerald added: "It drives me crazy that, after two (great) years, we come into a game with a 10-2 record and an opportunity to close out the division, and we still have 20,000 Vikings fans in the stadium. That irks me.

"I want to get to the point where we don't have that stuff in our stadium. So we have to grab the kids that are growing up and make them feel attached. And when they teach their children to be Cardinals fans, that's how you really build a fan base. I want to be part of that transformation."

Our thought here is that Fitzgerald sort of saved it at the end by talking about a fan transformation, which means he recognizes that it takes time. Football isn't saved in a town overnight, or even over two seasons. Amid a dicey time economically, it's always a hit or miss proposition to challenge more of your fans to purchase tickets. A quick StubHub search showed prices from $240 for the Packers game and $145 for the Seahawks. Along those lines, fans struggling with season tickets are seeing a huge spike on the resale market and around the holidays. It might be nice to cash in.

But the Cardinals are going through something understandable from a player/coach perspective, too. A few years back, an incredible Tampa Bay Rays team played in silence, even during the playoffs and their star players challenged more fans to come out.

Will it work? Who knows. Arians and Fitzgerald have to be two of the most likable franchise figureheads in sports, and Arians has done a remarkable job of transforming this team into a powerhouse Super Bowl contender.

Winning one would go a long way toward eliminating those other jerseys at the stadium.