Josh Norman not a fan of Rodney Harrison hot takes


Rodney Harrison believes that Panthers star Josh Norman is the best cornerback in the NFL. But it's a different opinion by Harrison that has Norman fired up this week.

Harrison, an analyst for NBC and former Chargers and Patriots safety, told the Charlotte Observer this week that he believed Julio Jones was a better player even after the Panthers shut out the Falcons on Sunday.

"If the entire situation was equal, with Julio Jones having a quality quarterback throwing to him, then I think Julio Jones wins that matchup because I just think he's physically more superior than Josh," Harrison said.

When the Observer caught up with Norman later that day, the cornerback wasn't thrilled to hear Harrison's assessment.

"You can insult my intelligence if you like," Norman said. "You can even insult my little puppy. But please whatever you do, don't insult my talent level. That is one thing I will not let you do. ... Who has gone up against Julio and has put him at pedestrian numbers like that? Who has done that? And if that's not a talent, then what is?"

Jones had seven catches for 88 yards in the loss. According to, Jones had four catches for 33 yards on six targets with Norman in coverage.

Because Twitter exists, Norman wasn't done.

Oh, that's a deep, deep burn.

By the way, there's only one person who should be truly offended by Harrison's hot takes. I know Matt Ryan is having a tough year, but now he's not even a "quality quarterback"? Fight back, Matty Ice. Defend your honor!