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Jerry Jones says Cowboys won't shut Dez down in '15


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones got all the weird out this morning on his regular radio spot with KRLD-FM in Dallas.

We'll get to the news in a moment, but let's just view the entirety of the interview for the wonderful tapestry it is. This is a 73-year-old man; an owner of one of the most valuable franchises in all of sports.

Awesome, right?

The timely element to this is that Jones still believes in Bryant, which is a good thing considering he's deeply invested in the wide receiver. Jones said that he in no way wants to dissuade his team from thinking they'll make the playoffs, as Dallas is still technically in the race.

"There's some (optimism) there and I certainly wouldn't in any way dismiss it," Jones said.

It also seems like he's throwing some support behind Jason Garrett, who has come under plenty of fire this season in Dallas despite managing one of the best teams Jones has had in 20 years last season. At the least, he's keeping it light and not putting anyone on notice.

Which is why, it seems, the decision to keep Bryant and allow him to work through those foot issues at full speed, and the decision to support Garrett go hand in hand. We just like the way Jones put it better.

Dallas is obviously in line for some change this offseason, most likely at running back and backup quarterback. We'll see if all the coordinators and assistants survive -- which they should. But a new, more patient Jones might be learning to live with the occasional disappointment. Burning down the house after an extremely unlucky season is not the way to go. Building a roster behind key players always seems to work out better.


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